Manuscript preparation

Each article must be typed double-spaced (A4 format).

Each manuscript must be accompanied by:

– a title (in French AND in English),

– a short abstract (in French AND English, 100 words maximum),

– a separate biographical note indicating the author’s name, short affiliation, a bio of maximum 50 words, an e-mail address.


Ideally, manuscripts should not exceed 8500 words including footnotes. Exceptions can be granted by the editor if duly motivated.


The in-text bibliographic references must comply with the following format: (Smith, 1997, 34), and be presented at the end of the article.

The bibliography at the end of the text should be formatted as follows: Last name, First name (date), Title, City, Publisher, page numbers. E.g., Greenwood, Justin and Aspinwall, Mark (eds.) (1998), Collective Action in the European Union, London, Routledge.

For articles: Surname First name (date), “title”, Journal title, volume (issue), p. x-x.

Politique européenne encourages a gender balance in bibliographical references.

We have developed a Zotero template that you can use when wiriting your article. Download it here and add it to your Zotero styles library.


Footnotes must be numbered consecutively.


Use a maximum of three levels of title (no capitals), and make the levels clear (you can indicate level 1. -1.1. but they will not appear in the final printout).

Family names

A family name quoted for the first time in the text must be preceded by the first name. E.g.: Maya Angelou, then with the initial M. Angelou, and full first name at the beginning of the sentence.


Long quotes (more than 5 lines) should be indented.

Important acronyms

The first time an acronym appears in even the simplest text, follow it with its development in brackets. Ex: NHS (National Health Service).

Tables and graphs

Indicate in brackets the place of tables and graphs in the text. No special presentation for tables (which will be recomposed).

If colour figures, ensure that they are legible in black and white. Indicate sources.

Do not put notes in the tables and graphs but *, ** etc. Cross-reference below with the sources.

By submitting the manuscript to the publishers, the author agrees to transfer the exclusive rights to publish the article, including the right to any reproduction.

After the publication – Diffusion and publicization

An electronic version of the articles are published on the Cairn platform:

French page of Politique européenne

English page of the Politique européenne

Politique européenne has a twitter account (@PolEurop).

In order to publicize the published articles, we post threads, i.e. a short summary in a few paragraphs of your article to indicate the main findings, key issues or anything else you think is important to highlight in your work. Here is an example that does this quite well:

If you do not wish to make a thread, the title of your contribution will be presented with an image of the abstract.

Please send the thread you wish to make by email to our editorial committee member in charge of social media, Cal Le Gall (

Finally, if you wish to publicise your work in academic blogs, we can help you by linking you to blog publishers such as EUROPP (